About Us

Teamey is a team-based professional development company improving the way employees and businesses cultivate skills, develop leadership, and thrive during times of change.

Because professional development and coaching drive better outcomes when they are a part of your company's workflow, the Teamey solution is deployed alongside the work you do everyday.

The Problem

How we work is changing rapidly. Teams are collaborating across different locations and schedules, using an array of tools to communicate, coordinate and complete vital tasks.

Without a modern solution, this disconnect can lead to a sense of isolation, frustration and
confusion, resulting in a team that's simply less effective.

Our Solution

With Teamey, we measure the four attributes of effective team development
(and up to eight additional focus areas):

As each team member shares information about where they are in a given workflow,
it becomes clear where coaching can have an impact.

Then through the Teamey platform, we can centralize coaching conversations, deliver materials, and measure development to create maximum impact for the entire team.

Why Teamey ?

Ideal for Remote or Hybrid Teams
Highly Customizable
Simple-to-Use Interface
Data-Driven Insights
Certified Coaches
Proven Successful Methods

Better Coaching for Better Outcomes

A good coach helps you follow a plan you create yourself. Coaching through Teamey goes beyond that. Our Teamey certified coaches bring in industry experience to design that plan with you, define the variables that will have the most impact, and empower your team to follow through for better outcomes.

By measuring, reporting, and adjusting, Teamey creates accountability that leads your team toward improved performance - and profitability.

99% surveyed are "satisfied or very satisfied" with coaching, showing it to be extremely productive in the eyes of both companies and individuals.
86% of companies saw a favorable ROI for their investment in coaching (with certain companies reporting a 221%, 545%, and even 788% ROI).
Individuals increase their productivity by an average of 86% when training is combined with coaching (compared to just 22% with training alone).
Say coaching has a significant impact on at least one of nine business measures, with overall productivity and employee satisfaction reported as the most positively impacted areas (which impacts customer satisfaction, employee engagement, quality, financial results, and more).


Onboard With Your Coach

Your Teamey Coach will guide you through the process of working within our solution, helping everyone on your team make the most of our proprietary framework.

Create A Circuit

In addition to measuring the four attributes of effective team development, it's possible to customize the scope with up to eight more focus areas to be included as part of a Circuit.

Invite Your Team

Once a Circuit has been created and its timeline and focus areas chosen, invite your team members to join and begin the work.


Your Teamey Coach will use your customized weekly Circuits to identify gaps or areas primed for positive impact to drive your team toward its milestones.


With weekly meetings, your team will see what is working in the Circuit and where further coaching and development may be necessary on both a team and individual level.


Real-time reports can be run and shared to determine where progress is being made at any interval in the Circuit.

At the Circuit's conclusion, a report is generated so the team can see how this development work has impacted their efficiency and overall performance.


Users Cost
4 $ 800 per month
5 $ 1000 per month
6 $ 1200 per month
7 $ 1400 per month
8 $ 1600 per month
9 $ 1800 per month
10 $ 2000 per month
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